Filmdonut Origins

3 years ago

Our story is pretty cool and we want to share it with you.

Just two years from today we were sitting at a café exchanging ideas.  We were constantly looking to create a fresh and meaningful product that people would want to use.

At that time Lucas had already built a well established filmmaking company, and I was at the finish of my stay at, an online VOD product that couldn’t continue operations.  By the way, my name is Mauricio.

Our paths crossed at just about the right time to start a new entrepreneurial adventure.

We tried some things out and a new idea began to take form. Most startups are not creating powerful material for their initial promotion, and video is an awesome way to impact consumers.  Startups and their products need to be sweet, sexy, and delicious from a consumer’s perspective.  Perhaps great products aren’t taking off as they should without this initial push?  Here is where we come into action.

Why do we exist?

We have the assets, creativity, and passion required to help startups create their video spots for their products.  We don’t want to be yet another agency.  We create new passionate experiences through our videos, and put serious effort in our materials and production.

Cool, now let’s find a name for it.

It was clear what we wanted to do, but first off we needed a name.

What is something delicious, known worldwide, sugary, easily accessible, and on top of everything looks sexy when you eat it?


It was Sergio who suggested the donut so we began to mix words around and quickly was born.

We met Sergio during our work at and Any logo and design that Sergio creates is beautiful, simple, and clean.

We have a network of agencies and collaborators. No matter what country you are in, if you want to work with us, send us an e-mail to