Alba shortfilm – Castán

3 years ago

One of our priorities as a production company is to support new filmmakers, directors and anybody else who shows their talent, enthusiasm and eagerness to find a place in this industry.

There are loads of people who try to do their best to get it, who struggle every day to find a light trail to progress, to grow and carry out their professional development. Others, however, in order to achieve the same goal, decide to open up their own path. One which is usually more expensive and complicated but which at the same time allows you to engage your enthusiasm and your talent and make them your best tools.

This is the case of Lucas Castán, a young man who started from the bottom, with few resources but with great enthusiasm, and who by investing their time and dedication,  has not stopped ascending and progressing significantly, thus increasing the quality of his work.

After a year and a half of work, sharing office hours, filming and bars, we have spent intense moments that have brought together a great team.

A team of people who involve themselves in their mission, seek perfection in their work and manage to turn an occupation into a passion.

“ALBA” is the first result of this brigade, where the aptitude and the attitude of all the participants is reflected. A well kept fruit and with intense flavor. In a bid for realism, which is now almost inexistent in movie theaters, “ALBA” tries to claim indifference and frivolity with which many situations on the big screen are carried out, and which in real life would mean more than a headache.

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Members who have made ​​this project possible and who are worth of honorable mention  are:

Writer & Director: Lucas Castán ·

Starring: Jose Manuel Seda, Carolina Clemente, Ramon Esquinas.

First assistant director: Nacho Galdo ·

Director of Photography: Daniel Vergara ·

Camera Assistant: Rita Jimenez ·

Chief electrician: Adrian Pertusa ·

Sound Design: Jose Luis Toral ·

Sound Assistant: Hector Rosmundo ·

Art director: Iguácel Cuiral  ·

Stylist assistants: Mercedes García ·

Executive Producer: Lucas Saez Valls ·

Producers: Paula Cobo, Sara Marquina, Hector Rosmundo ·

Making of: Luis Calles, Cristina Martinez.

Script: Juan Lopez Moreno ·

Make up Artist: Eva Ferrer ·

Hair: Eva Emperor ·

Special Effects Make up: Paco Martinez ·

VFX: Mario Gonzalez ·

Post & Colorist: Daniel Vergara
We are proud of the team and at the same time it is a pleasure to be involved in this type of work which boosts all the participants´ careers.